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*Please note that all marriages can be performed in-game. [[Divorce]]s are done in-game too.
*Please note that all marriages can be performed in-game. [[Divorce]]s are done in-game too.
Choose category '''Marriage/Divorce/Adoption'''
Choose category '''Spend Credit Request'''
:Include the following information:  
:Include the following information:  
:*The name of the baby character or one of the parents
:*The name of the baby character or one of the parents

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A support ticket is a way to communicate with the Staff if you have a problem that you cannot fix on your own after checking the forums and the FAQ page. The staff gets many tickets daily so please be patient if you submit one. You can submit a support ticket here.

What should I put in my ticket?

It depends on the type of ticket you are submitting. Here are the general guidelines for the most common types of tickets:

Lost Items

Choose category Item Recovery

If possible, include as much of the following information as you can:
  • The names of the items lost
  • When you last saw the items
  • Which account you had the items on last
  • How you believe you lost the items
  • Whether or not anyone else has access to your accounts, and if so, who (No matter who it is, even if you trust them!)
  • Any proof of ownership you may have, such as a screenshot or a description of how you got the item
  • Refer to the rule section on Recovery Tickets for additional guidelines

Sprite Customization

  • As of 2014, players may @request in game to change existing customizations for Service Tickets.

Otherwise, if the player wishes to customize to change to an unexisting customization:

Choose category Spend Credit Request

Include the following information:
  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Name of character with Kaho or Valkyrie Helm in inventory (Try to keep it on that character while the ticket is open)
  • The name of the item you want to change and what sprite you want to change it to
  • Acknowledgement of how much it will cost (See Service Fees)

Name Change, Guild Name Change, Character Transfer

Choose category Spend Credit Request

Include the following information:
  • Your username
  • Your password
  • The current name of your character/guild and the new name you want for your character/guild. Listing alternates could speed up the process if a name is already taken. (if applicable)
  • Username, password, and slot of the new account you wish the character to be moved to. If you are moving a character to a different persons account they can create their own ticket and use the ticket number of your original ticket as reference so passwords do not need to be shared. (if applicable)

Be aware that if you are a guild leader, then name changes, character moves, and guild name changes cannot be processed until the next scheduled server maintenance! This is to avoid losing control of your guild. You may want to consider breaking your guild if you wish to have your request processed as quickly as possible.

  • Please see Gareth Morrowynd for Rollbacks, Unslotting, Guild Leader change, Homunculus name change, Pet name change, or Gender change.


  • Please note that all marriages can be performed in-game. Divorces are done in-game too.

Choose category Spend Credit Request

Include the following information:
  • The name of the baby character or one of the parents

Password Recovery

Choose category General Questions

Include the following information:
  • Your username, as well as any character names you might remember
  • The email address that you signed up for the account with. If you do not remember, list any that could be possible.
  • Whether or not you can still access that email address
  • Any old passwords you may remember

Errors, Bugs, or Other Technical Issues

First, check Troubleshooting, Bug Tracker and/or Tech Support for help. Often times players who have had similar issues can help you with your issues.

Otherwise, if your issue is more extensive:

Choose category Technical Issues

Include the following information:
  • Your username
  • The character(s) that are having the issue
  • Any relevant screenshots. If it is an issue with the client you may want to include a SS of your data folder.
  • Any relevant information to the problem. What were you doing when the issue arose? Is anyone else having this problem? Is the problem persistent/preventing normal gameplay?

Item Shop Issues

Choose category Donations/Ad Sponsors

Include the following information:
  • The date you purchased the item
  • The transaction ID from Amazon (this should be a very long string of numbers and letters

Player Harassment, KS/Looting/MPK, or Event Disruption

First, read the Player Report Guidelines

Choose category Player Reports

Include the following information:
  • The in-game name of the offender
  • Multiple screenshots of the offence: Please see the Player Report Guidelines on acceptable proof.
  • A screenshot of yourself telling the person to stop. In most cases you must have this.
  • A screenshot of yourself using the /ex or /exall command if they persist, or making some effort to remove yourself from the situation (If you /ex someone you will also not see them in mainchat.)
  • A screenshot of the continued offence after asking them to stop


If there are any and all that you do not wish to post in the forums, you may ask via support ticket. Choose category General Questions

  • Submitting a ticket for a general question is preferred over PMing a staff member directly.

Useful Tips

The most effective way to get a ticket answered as swiftly as possible is to include all of the information related to the issue you're having. That will cut down on the number of responses necessary to get all of the information needed. However, if you have a general question that doesn't involve any sensitive information, you may want to try the forums. Other players may be able to help you find the answer you're looking for!

Keep in mind that we love seeing friendships grow and develop on JellyRO, but we simply can't discuss other people's cases or tickets with anyone but the person involved. Please urge your friends to submit their own tickets!

Do not bump your ticket or to create tickets asking about the status of previous tickets; this will only slow down your response time, and it will not make your ticket get an answer any more quickly - in fact, it will simply make it take longer! Also, closing your ticket and opening another one will have the same effect; we know that it's hard to be patient, but submitting all of the needed information, leaving the ticket open, and waiting really is the fastest way to get it answered!

Please remember that the Staff are only human, and can only process so many tickets per day. Have patience, be polite, and your ticket will be answered! :)