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From soldiers to weapon masters, the Swordman is a true warrior in all regards. They hone their skills with swords and spears and also train their bodies to quickly recover from wounds and endure all sorts of attacks. Tough and sturdy, those of the Swordman class are the first to charge into the heat of battle and the last to fall.

As a 2nd Job Class of the Swordman Branch, swordsmen can become a;
Knightm.png Knightf.png or cusaderm.png cusaderf.png
Knight Crusader
Job Information

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Swordman Guides

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Job Change Quest

Swordman Job Quest Guide to the Swordman job change quest on RateMyServer.net. Alternative to Job Changer.


Swordman Skills Information about all Swordman skills in RateMyServer.net's RO Skill Database.

Platinum Skills Quests


Upon completing the Swordman Job Quest, you will receive a Beginner's Sword.

Item Beginner's Sword.gif Beginner's Sword [0]
Star Account-Bound.png Star jRO Exclusive.png
Weapon Type One-Handed Sword Atk 90 Def 0 Weight 50
Weapon Lvl Question.gif Element Neutral
Required Job Swordsman Only Required Lvl 0
Description A special weapon for the player that completes their job quest.
  • +20% Exp boost until level 80, 10% until level 95.
  • +500 HP, +15% Atk Speed

For additional information about Beginner's Weapons, visit the Beginner's Weapons page.

Basic Builds


Leveling Areas

Payon Dungeon

Payon Cave F1(pay_dun00)
Target monsters: Familiar (aggressive), Skeleton, Zombie (aggressive), Poporing (looter)
Minimum level: 1

Since you no longer have access to the special Novice equipment, you will need to be cautious. Focus on Familiars first, then Skeletons if nothing else in the area is trying to attack you. Zombies and Poporings have much more HP than Familiars and Skeletons, so be careful with them or wait until you've gained a few levels before taking them on.

Be sure to run to the Payon Hunters near the entrance if you need a Skill Heal.gif Heal and to refresh your Skill Blessing.gif Blessing in case it wears off. You can also run to them if you get overwhelmed by too many aggressive Zombies and Familiars. Leveling will go even faster if you complete Rennard's quest so you can volunteer for Jason's missing body quest and recruit your own Payon Hunter for level 2 of Payon Dungeon.

Payon Cave F2(pay_dun01)
Target monsters: Soldier Skeleton, Archer Skeleton
Minimum level: ~30

The monsters in the second level of Payon Dungeon are significantly stronger than monsters on the first level. If you are a high enough level to survive, you can use the Payon Hunters from Jason's quest to help kill the monsters for you for some fast levels. This area isn't really recommended otherwise unless you have a party as the difficulty outweighs the reward when compared to maps like Toy Factory.

Toy Factory

Toy Factory Warehouse(xmas_dun01)
Target monsters: Poporing, Marin, Cookie (links), Christmas Cookie
Minimum level: ~25

If you're extremely careful, you can start this area several levels early. Be careful when fighting the green Cookie, as all other Cookies in the area will try to help heal it and will start attacking you. Avoid Angeling until you're around level 40, and try to avoid Chepet entirely unless you are trying to complete Old Man Nikolas's quest. Not only is Chepet incredibly strong compared to the other monsters in this level, but she has the ability to break your weapon with her Skill Demonstration.gif Demonstration skill (looks like fire on the floor). Keep repeating Stan's Toy Factory cleaning quests and you'll be ready for your job change to Knight or Crusader in no time.

Orc Dungeon

Player Guides