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Waiting in the shadows, planning where they'll strike next, Thieves are quick and clever individuals whose ability to take what's not theirs is a specialty.

As a 2nd Job Class of the Thief Branch, thieves can become an;
assassinm.png assassinf.png or roguem.png roguef.png
Assassin Rogue
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Job Change Quest

In order to begin this quest, you must be a Novice at Job Level 10

Getting Started

Morroc.png Pyramid.png Pyramid_Maze.png Thief_Guild.png

To reach the Thieves Guild, exit Morroc from the warp portal at the top left of the town. This will lead you to the Morroc Ruins. From there, enter the large pyramid at the top left. Inside the pyramid, head to the center of the maze on the first floor, this warp portal will take you downstairs into the guild. The Thief Guide will be behind the counter in the leftmost room, talk to her to begin.

Stealing From Shibu's Farm

Back outside, in the Morroc Ruins, talk to Mr. Irrelevant. He will warp you to Shibu's Farm. On the farm, attack the Thief Mushrooms and collect the mushrooms that drop until you have at least 25 points worth.

1069.pngOrange Net Mushrooms (3 points each)
1070.pngOrange Gooey Mushrooms (1 point each)

Once you are done, head to the bottom of the map and exit the warp to leave the farm. If you left the farm before stealing enough mushrooms, simply talk to Mr. Irrelevant again. He will warp you back inside.


Job Change

When you're ready, return to the Thieves Guild and talk to Comrade behind the counter, he will grade your results. If he is satisfied, he will make you a Thief.


Platinum Skills Quests

Thief Platinum Skills NPC
The Thief Platinum Skills can be unlocked by talking to Alcouskou. He is located in the rightmost room of the Thieve's Guild.


Upon completing the Thief Job Change Quest, you will receive a 19082.pngBeginner's Dagger.
For additional information, visit the Beginner's Weapons page.

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