Trick or Treat

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Unhappy Mask Salesman in Alberta

Trick or Treat is a minigame that is only available during Halloween but normally bundled with the Pumpkin Festival.

The following towns run Trick or treat: Alberta, Geffen, Rachel, Niflheim and Izlude

How to Join

This event has no level restrictions though it is advised to avoid Niflheim if you are not prepared to defend yourself.

  • Go to one of the towns listed above and find the Unhappy Mask Salesman, bring him the requested items, and find a door that is awaiting you to knock upon.

How to Play

A house awaiting someone to knock

Alberta, Geffen, Rachel, and Niflheim have 10 doors that you can knock on, whereas Izlude only has 8.

  • Go the unhappy mask salesman and complete his daily-repeatable quest
  • Go to a house marked on your mini map in the same town
  • Use one of the masks to disguise yourself, and click on the door to knock
  • Go to the next house, and so on.

Unhappy Mask Salesman

Each town has an Unhappy Mask Salesman with their own mask and items required. You can get all your masks in one town or a few in each town if you wish, but wherever you decide to go, you only get a total of 10 masks a day.

Alberta Geffen Izlude Niflheim Rachel
\navi alberta 28/240 geffen 39/124 izlude 102/67 niflheim 27/157 ve_fild02 183/380
Mask 20219.pngTraveller's Mask 20222.pngSorcerer's Mask 20220.pngFighter's Mask 20218.pngSpirit Mask 20221.pngStranger's Mask
10 x 902.pngTree Root 10 x 935.pngShell 10 x 705.pngClover 3 x 7214.pngBat Cage 20 x 1028.pngMane
Items 5 x 907.pngResin 7 x 914.pngFluff 5 x 949.pngFeather 3 x 7219.pngStriped Stock 3 x 7312.pngJubilee
Required 10 x 1067.pngSolid Trunk 5 x 938.pngSticky Mucus 20 x 909.pngJellopy 3 x 7209.pngHelm of Dullahan
5 x 915.pngChrysalis 1 x 515.pngCarrot 3 x 7220.pngEctoplasm
1 x 512.pngApple

The Houses

Alberta Geffen Izlude Niflheim Rachel
1 alberta 86/132 geffen 74/54 izlude 162/115 niflheim 185/81 rachel 141/97
2 alberta 89/80 geffen 36/106 izlude 163/88 niflheim 205/91 rachel 116/59
3 alberta 67/82 geffen 42/165 izlude 139/90 niflheim 174/172 rachel 33/188
4 alberta 40/67 geffen 102/198 izlude 88/105 niflheim 176/149 rachel 141/27
5 alberta 62/32 geffen 130/178 izlude 117/174 niflheim 205/132 rachel 41/30
6 alberta 45/116 geffen 170/155 izlude 136/170 niflheim 230/249 rachel 244/195
7 alberta 65/148 geffen 154/109 izlude 92/85 niflheim 202/247 rachel 58/137
8 alberta 40/191 geffen 111/151 izlude 140/104 niflheim 152/261 rachel 218/114
9 alberta 42/255 geffen 99/103 niflheim 102/238 rachel 168/63
10 alberts 205/97 geffen 85/111 niflheim 150/124 rachel 196/44

Knocking on a door while wearing a disguise from a different town will remove the disguise and you will receive no reward.
Going to a house with the correct disguise will result in a reward.


Depending on which town you go to changes what you can earn

Alberta Geffen Izlude Niflheim Rachel
20223.pngTraveller's Candy 20226.pngSorcerer's Candy 20224.pngFigher's Candy See Below 20225.pngStranger's Candy

You also get a 20231.pngPumpkin Festival Certificate regardless of what town you go to.

Normal Towns

Alberta, Izlude, Geffen, and Rachel all have a 5% chance of giving 539.pngPiece of Cake instead of the listed prize item above.


Niflheim has the chance 10% chance of giving you one of the other candies listed above, as well as a 50% chance of getting a bonus one.

However 90% of the time they will spawn one of 26 monsters, all their display names are Vengeful Spirit.

Mastering Angeling Ghostring Mysteltainn
Tirfing Executioner Gryphon Mutant Dragon
Chimera Maya Purple Owl Baron Cat o' Nine Tails
Archangeling Deviling Gemini-S58 Observation
Shelter Retribution Hydro Salamander
Kasa Necromancer Incarnation of Morroc Incarnation of Morroc
Incarnation of Morroc Incarnation of Morroc