Wolfchev's Laboratory

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Wolfchev's Laboratory is a dungeon instance situated in the depths of the Somatology Laboratory. Something's gone horribly wrong in Wolfchev's Lab. Players must fight through a dangerously haywire security system and subdue the specimens that have broken free.

Players must have access to the dungeon in order to enter this instance. See Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest and Biolabs F4 Quick Access.

  • The instance has a 1 hour time limit and will automatically close if all party members leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • Upon success, each character can only attempt the instance once every 72 hours.

Players CANNOT re-enter once they leave instance nor add new party members once started.

Quest Steps

Laboratory Entrance
  1. Click on the Laboratory Door (lhz_dun04 147,277). The Party Leader must generate the instance.
  2. Once the first room is cleared, the Party Leader must head for (0011@lhz 38,160) to deactivate the system and trigger the warp for the next room.
  3. Clear the following rooms in order to advance to the next.
  4. Once the MVP is dead, speak to Wolfchev (0011@lhz 137,156) to receive reward and warp out.


The following mechanics are in effect inside the instance:

  • Disabled Items: Fly Wing
  • Disabled Skills: Ice Wall, Leap, Intimidate, Teleport, Snatch
  • Items cannot be dropped.
  • MVPs are unable to use Teleport.
  • MVPs are unable to recall slaves that are out of range.
They will only re-summon when the number of slaves drops below a certain number.

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