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Commerce is the activity of looking for and trading for items desired by players server wide. There are multiple currencies and multiple ways with which they can do so in the JellyRO Marketplace.



Zeny is the main currency in Ragnarok Online. When things are denoted in "Z," that usually means Zeny, as in "Selling Item X, 100,000 Z!" A single character is limited to holding 2,147,483,647 zeny at a given time. Additionally, a single trade is limited to 999,999,999 zeny at once. Zeny mostly originates from selling items to NPCs, but vending things in the marketplace is usually better profit for items in demand.


Donation Credit or Ad Credit is the currency a player receives from donating to the server. It is used to buy Auro for in game usage or to request any services that require fees through the Control Panel. The abbreviation usually used to refer to this credit is "Ads" or "Credits."


Auro is the in game equivalent of Ad Credit or Donation Credit. Players must speak to the Donation Redeemer (/navi prontera 125/211) where they can then use it to buy things in the Auro Shop. It can also be obtained through certain staff hosted events and certain quests. Things denoted "AUR" usually means Auro. .

Coins, Points, Etc.

While technically not currency, as they are usually obtained only specially and are bound, players can still use the following to obtain items:


Auro Shop

Auro Shop.PNG

The Auro Shop is an exclusive JellyRO customization of the Kafra/Cash Shop/Mall on official Servers. The player can access the shop via a convenient button.

Vend Shop.PNG

The most common way to sell and buy in the market. Merchant and Super Novice classes with Pushcart can use the Vending skill for Sell shops. There is a 2% Vending Tax on items sold this way.

All players must obtain a Buy Stall Permit from the Purchasing Team in order to open Buy shops.


Chat Box.PNG

Players can use chatrooms (Alt+C) to advertise the buying/selling/trading of items and then by using the Trade Window to complete any deals.
#trade Channel

Trade Channel.PNG

The #trade channel is the global channel for all buying, selling, and trading. Simply type #trade into your chat whisper box, followed by your message. See Channel System for more info.
Online Marketplace

Forum Market.PNG

The JellyRO forums Marketplace are good for people who frequently sell/buy lots of items or have items that are difficult to sell or obtain. There are many permanent storefronts that also offer services. Likewise, when you search items in the Item DB, it will link you to the Vend Browser if there is anyone currently vending.

There are also several Commands that are helpful in the marketplace.

  • @wb <item> - See if there is a Buy shop for the item.
  • @ws <item> - See if there is a Sell shop for the item.
  • @at - Keep your vendor up without actually having to have a client open.