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Acolytes are natural healers who use Holy Power to eliminate enemies and support their allies through blessing and prayer. Some choose to take their training further and become wholly self sufficient both physically and mentally.

As a 2nd Job Class of the Acolyte Branch, acolytes can become a;
priestm.png priestf.png or monkm.png monkf.png
Priest Monk
Job Information

Job Change QuestSkillsPlatinum Skills QuestsEquipment

Acolyte Guides

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Job Change Quest

WAIT! Have you done Rennard's quest yet?
  1. Sign up with Father Mareusis. (prt_church,184,41)
  2. Visit whichever NPC he designates:
    • Father Rubalkabara (prt_fild03,365,259)
    • Mother Marthilda (moc_fild07,36,354)
    • Father Yosuke (prt_fild00,208,218)
  3. Return to Father Mareusis.


See Priest Skills or Monk Skills for second class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Angelus.png Angelus Increase VIT DEF of the user and all party members nearby. 10 Supportive
Aqua Benedicta.png Aqua Benedicta Create 1 Holy Water while standing in shallow water. Requires Empty Bottle. 1 Active
Blessing.png Blessing Increase STR, DEX and INT. On Undead or Demon, reduce DEX and INT by 50%. 10 Supportive
Cure.png Cure Cures Silence, Blind and/or Chaos status. 1 Supportive
Decrease AGI.png Decrease AGI Lower AGI with variable chance of success. 10 Active
Demon Bane.png Demon Bane Increases attack against Demon and Undead. 10 Passive
Divine Protection.png Divine Protection Increases VIT DEF against Demon and Undead. 10 Passive
Heal.png Heal Restore HP or damage Undead. 10 Supportive
Holy Light.png Holy Light Holy-element attack that deals 125% MATK damage. 1 Offensive
Increase AGI.png Increase AGI Increase movement speed and AGI. 10 Supportive
Pneuma.png Pneuma Protects a 3×3 area from incoming ranged attacks. 1 Supportive
Ruwach.png Ruwatch Reveal and deals 145% MATK damage to hidden enemies in a 5×5 area. 1 Offensive
Signum Crusis.png Signum Crusis Decrease Undead and Demon DEF in a wide radius with variable success chance. 10 Supportive
Teleport.png Teleport Instantly move to a random spot on the map or the user's save spot. 2 Supportive
Warp Portal.png Warp Portal Use a Blue Gemstone to open a portal to user's save spot or up to 3 memorized areas. 4 Supportive

Platinum Skills Quests



At lower levels, your main strategy should be run, run, run, so gears do not matter as much, but anything that grants additional INT, SP, or Heal should help. The following are fairly low cost or easy to obtain starters:

  • Item Academy Badge.gif Academy Badge [0] (Jason's quest)
  • Item Buckler.gif Buckler [0] (any Armor Shop NPC)
  • Item Muffler.gif Muffler [0] (any Armor Shop NPC)
  • Item Shoes.gif Shoes [0] (any Armor Shop NPC)

Basic Builds

With the abilities to buff and heal, an Acolyte will most likely level at maximum efficiency if supporting a melee class, but here are a few individual and alternative builds should you choose to go solo.

Heal Bomb Heal Level 10 Blessing Level 10 Increase AGI Level 1-3 Divine Protection Level 10

  • Maximum INT

Support Heal Level 10 Blessing Level 10 Increase AGI Level 1-3 Cure Level 1 Angelus Level 1-10

  • 70 INT
  • xx VIT

Melee Heal Level 3 Blessing Level 10 Increase AGI Level 10 Angelus Level 10

  • 70 STR
  • xx VIT
  • xx INT

Fireball Heal Level 10 Blessing Level 10 Increase AGI Level 10

For those in possession of the following:

Item Torch Cap.gif Torch Cap [0]
Item2 Torch Cap.gif
Torch Cap [0]
The fire is sacred crown swinger. Increases resistance to Fire Property by 20%. Enables use of Level 5 Fireball. Impossible to refine this item.
  • Maximum INT

Turn Undead Blessing Level 10 Increase AGI Level 10

For those in possession of the following:

Item Grand Cross.gif Grand Cross [0]
Item2 Grand Cross.gif
Grand Cross [0]
A cruciform mace that was blessed by the pope of the Rune Midgard kingdom. Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 3 Turn Undead on the enemy when attacking. Regain 1 SP for each attack on an Undead monster and 3 SP for each killed Undead monster.
  • Maximum DEX

Leveling Areas

The following maps are merely suggestions for the beginner to mid level acolyte builds. There may be better maps depending on your gear.

Heal Bomb

These areas are filled with Undead mobs. You'll need to type /NS into your chatbox or Shift + Click when targeting to Heal the Undead.

Payon Dungeon
Orc Dungeon
Glast Heim Abbey
Glast Heim Underprison


Your focus is mainly on keeping your melee counterpart alive so as long as you both keep in mind the heal-damage-attack ratio the sky's the limit!


Not the best for an Acolyte, but if necessary, the player can stick to the weaker maps. Typing /NC into your chatbox, or Ctrl + Click will allow for auto attacking.

Payon Dungeon
Leaf Cats
Orc Dungeon

Player Guides

There are currently no Acolyte Player Guides at this time. Interested in creating one? Head over to JellyRO forums and make one!