Bloody Branch Rooms

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The Shady Guy in Izlude is hidden from plain sight

The Bloody Branch Rooms give players a place to kill dead branch and bloody branch monsters in peace. To get to the Bloody Branch rooms, speak first with the Shady Guy hiding in Izlude.

Players in the Bloody Branch Rooms will still receive an experience penalty when they die, unless they are using a Guild room or the Public room.


  • Pharmacist (Doctor)
  • Forger (Repairman)
  • Fence (Tool Shop)
  • Trustee (Storage)

Using the Public Room

Enter the Public Bloody Branch Room by using the Machine (bra_lob 150,99) on the right side of the lobby.

There is no experience penalty for death in Public rooms.

Booking a Private Room

Talk to either the Instance Personnel (bra_lob 96,95) or Guild Personnel (bra_lob 102,95) to book a private room. (You must be a party or guild leader.) There are only 3 guild rooms available.

Prices vary depending on how long you are booking the room for, but there is no cost to enter the room once the room has been booked.

Solo Room Party Room Guild Room
10 Minutes 100z 500z 2,000z
60 Minutes 1,000z 5,000z 20,000z
120 Minutes 1,800z 9,000z 36,000z
180 Minutes 2,500z 13,000z 50,000z