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The Kafra Corporation (Kafra) is a company that provides transportation services as well as cart rental and item storage services to adventurers in the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. In JellyRO, they've also managed to edge out Cool Event Corporation and Cat Hand Services for control of the Republic of Schwartzvald and New World. Services for Kafra include: Save Service, Storage Service, (Kafra) Teleport Service (obscured by Teleport Service), Rent a Pushcart (obscured by Rental NPC), Guide, and Point Checking Service. Not all services are available at every Kafra.

When an adventurer utilizes a Kafra service, he/she can accrue Kafra Special Reserve Points, which can be redeemed for prizes at the Kafra Corp. headquarters. The system was revamped in 2015 to include more desirable rewards and additional quests for players to earn points.

Kafra Corporation.png

Meet the Kafras

The Kafra ladies at Kafra Corporation Headquarters in Aldebaran are always available to help travelers, and sometimes, they need help too!

  • Kafra Pavianne (84,166)
Buys Kafra Passes for 2000z.
  • Kafra Blossom (83,245)
Educates players about Kafra Storage and Teleport.
  • Kafra Jasmine (24,245)
Speaks about Kafra Corporation History
  • Kafra Roxie (142,238)
Speaks about Kafra Corporation Policies
  • Kafra Curly Sue (91,244)
  • Kafra (79,161)
Trades Special Reserve Points for Rewards
  • Kafra (88,161)
Special Point Lottery

Reward Kafras

These NPCs will reward Special Reserve Points on a daily basis.

  • Kafra Ann (91,166)
Recruitment manager - Find the qualifying citizens and recruit them for Kafra Corp. Locations are random.
  • Kafra Connie (73,179)
Rewards points for clothing or cart repair. More "practice" results in shorter times.
  • Kafra Mackenzie (76,243)
Rewards points for correctly answering quizzes.
  • Kafra Bonnie (76,166)
Rewards points for various tasks involving various other Kafra ladies. Currently available possible quests:
  • Kafra Yari (moc_fild12 173,351)
Required Items: Goggles, Angled Glasses, 10 Fluorescent Liquid, 20 Soft Silk
  • Kafra Kay (einbroch 171,206)
NPC Locations: Roger (ein_in01 96,18), Theo (ein_in01 27,19), Fiennes (einbroch 134,57), The Governor (ein_in01 173,279)
  • Kafra Hollis (lighthalzen 103,159) and Kafra Tora (ra_temple 119,50)
These Kafras will not respond unless Kafra Bonnie assigns the quest.

Seasonal Kafras

These NPCs are usually only available at certain times and offer slightly higher point rewards.

Christmas 2016
  • Kafra Christie - Accepts zeny donations for Special Reserve Points or offers quest to earn points.
JellyRO Grand Opening 2015
  • Kafra Shelly - Help get the accounting numbers and their totals.
  • Kafra Momo - Help calm the Kafras that are panicked about the new management.
  • Kafra Christine - Accepts zeny donations for Special Reserve Points.
Spring 2015
  • Kafra Flora - Help clean Kafra Headquarters for springtime.
  • Kafra Salla - Deliver letters for Mother's Day.
Christmas 2014
  • Kafra Christie - Accepts zeny donations for Special Reserve Points or offers quest to earn points.

Item Exchanges

Special Reserve Points

For every 10 Zeny spent on Kafra services, 1 Kafra Point (or Special Reserve Point) is earned on the character. Special Reserve Points can be redeemed for a variety of items, with the occasional limited time seasonal additions. Players can also earn points doing seasonal and/or daily quests.

Seasonal Rewards

Christmas 2016 - Angeling Bubble, Black Knitted Hat, Angeling Woolly Hat, Costume Cat Santa Hat [0]
Grand Opening 2015 - Gelato Hat, Tasty Strawberry Hat, Choco Stick In Mouth, Candy Hat, Nut Donut In Mouth, Strawberry Hat, Strawberry In Mouth, Chocolate Donut, Sugared Fruit Stick, Donut In Mouth, Icecream Hat, Candy Cane In Mouth, Jam Pancake
Spring 2015 - Sunflower Hairpin, Drosera Hairpin, Carnation Hairband, Rose Hairband, Mommy Day Cake, Mother's Cake, Mother's Nightmare
Christmas 2014 - Cheer Scarf, Cat Santa Hat, Mini Tree

Point Lotteries

There are also 3 Lotteries that players can spend points in.

10,000 Point Lottery

  • 30 Blue Potions - 70%
  • 50 Grapejuice - 15%
  • 1 Glasses [1] - 10%

15,000 Point Lottery

  • 1 Mace [4] - 70%
  • 1 Main Gauche [4] - 15%
  • 1 Buckler [1] - 10%
  • 1 Guard [1] - 5%

20,000 Point Lottery

  • 50 Slim Potions - 70%
  • 30 Mastela - 15%
  • 5 Yggdrasil Seed - 10%
  • 5 Yggdrasilberries - 5%
  • 1 Sunglasses [1] - 5%

Blank Card Exchange

Following the October 2013 Anniversary Event, a special Spare Card lower headgear was released, which added the chance for monsters killed by the wearer to drop Blank Cards. Blank Cards can be redeemed with the Kafra Blank Card Exchanger (aldeba_in 147,244) for other cards at the rate of anywhere from 100 to 2000 Blank Cards.

  • The drop rate for Blank Card is 2%.
  • The Exchange NPC restocks with random selection roughly every six days.

Spoiler for Possible Cards:

Alice Card
Alligator Card
Am Mut Card
Ambernite Card
Ancient Worm Card
Angeling Card
Baby Leapord Card
Baphomet Card
Bascojin Card
Bathory Card
Berzebub Card
Blazer Card
Blood Knight Card
Brilight Card
Caramel Card
Carat Card
Cat O Nine Tail Card
Dark Frame Card
Dark Illusion Card
Dark Lord Card
Demon Pungus Card
Detale Card
Deviling Card
Deviruchi Card
Doppelganger Card
Dracula Card
Drake Card
Drops Card
Eddga Card
Eremes Card
Evil Druid Card
Evil Snake Lord Card
Gargoyle Card
Garm Card
Ghostring Card
Gibbet Card
Golden Thief Bug Card
Golem Card
Gryphon Card
Hell Poodle Card
High Priest Margaretha Card
High Wizard Kathryne Card
Horn Card
Hornet Card
Hunter Fly Card
Hydra Card
Incantation Samurai Card
Incubus Card
Iron Fist Card
Jakk card
Kavach Icarus Card
Khalitzburg Card
Kiel-D-01 Card
Knight Of Abyss Card
Kobold Card
Li Me Mang Ryang Card
Mantis Card
Marc Card
Marine Sphere Card
Matyr Card
Maya Card
Medusa Card
Metaling Card
Mimic Card
Mistress Card
Mobster Card
Moonlight Flower Card
Myst Card
Mysteltainn Card
Noxious Card
Orc Hero Card
Orc Lord Card
Orc Warrior Card
Osiris Card
Pest Card
Pharoah Card
Phen Card
Phreeoni Card
Picky Card
Plankton Card
Porcellio Card
Raydric Card
Rocker Card
RSX 0806 Card
Rybio Card
Sand Man Card
Sasquatch Card
Side Winder Card
Skel Worker Card
Smokie Card
Sohee Card
Stem Worm Card
Sting Card
Stormy Knight Card
Tao Gunka Card
Tarou Card
Teddy Bear Card
Thara Frog Card
Tirfing Card
Toad Card
Turtle General Card
Vadon Card
Valkyrie Randgris Card
Verit Card
Vesper Card
Vitata Card
Whisper Card
Wolf Card
Succubus Card
Zherlthsh Card