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Mounts are creatures that act as vehicles a player can use to increase transportation speed by 25%. They are class specific and cannot be used in combat. The player must dismount in order to engage. Peco Peco obtained by Knight Classes via regular NPC are still combat enabled.

Mounts can be summoned via Mount Summon Item, which is only obtainable via the Auro Shop or specially held staff events.

Alpaca Galion Savage
Mount Alpaca.gif Mount Galion.gif Mount Savage.gif
Acolyte Class Thief Class Merchant Class
Poison Toad Nine Tail King Lion
Mount Poison Toad.gif Mount Nine Tail.gif Mount King Lion.gif
Ninja & Soul Linker Class Mage Class Knight & Crusader Class
Poring Ostrich Peco Peco
Mount Poring.gif Mount Ostrich.gif Mount PecoPeco.gif
Novice & Taekwon Class Archer Class Gunslinger & Swordman Class