Pumpkin Festival

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Casper and Hermann

The Pumpkin Festival is a collective name for events that occur during the autumn season. There are lots of things that you can do during the Pumpkin Festival.

In Alberta you will find Hermann, the Happy Skeleton (alberta 118,70). He distributes the Pumpkin Festival Rewards in exchange for Pumpkin Festival Certificates. Visit him to see what he offers.

Casper, the Travelling Cook

If you have been killing monsters, you might have noticed that sometimes you receive an Edible Pumpkin or some Raw Dough. Bring these ingredients to Casper, the Travelling Cook in South Alberta 114,71), to create a Powerful Pumpkin Pie that boosts your stats for a short while.

Receive Item Powerful Pumpkin Pie.gif Powerful Pumpkin Pie x1 in exchange for Item Edible Pumpkin.gif Edible Pumpkin x3 and Item Raw Dough.gif Raw Dough x1

Item Powerful Pumpkin Pie.gif Powerful Pumpkin Pie
Star Soul-Bound.png
Type Miscellaneous Buy n/a Sell 0z Weight 0
Description A special Pumpkin Pie. It smells so good that you want to eat it all with one bite.

Raises all of your stats by 1 point and your ATK and MATK by 1% for 5 minutes or until you die.

You will get one Item Pumpkin Festival Certificate.gif Pumpkin Festival Certificate each day for creating pumpkin pies.

Chaotic Niflheim

Extra monsters (Vengeful Spirits) spawn in Niflheim during the Pumpkin Festival.

Mischievous Ghosts

Every so often, Mysterious Pumpkins will appear in the towns of Payon, Aldebaran, and Yuno. They are quite harmless, but among them, a few Mischievous Ghosts are hiding, disguised as harmless pumpkins. Find the Mischievous Ghosts, and drive them out of the towns so they stop scaring people; However, they are quite swift...

You can get one Item Pumpkin Festival Certificate.gif Pumpkin Festival Certificate for each Mischievous Ghost you uncover and defeat.

Note: The character that found the Mischievous Ghost by killing the correct Mysterious Pumpkin will be the one to receive its Pumpkin Festival Certificate, no matter who kills it. If that player is offline, not on the same map as the ghost, or has found another ghost, any character that kills the ghost will receive the certificate.

Old Cobby's Spirit

There have been sightings of an old spirit making trouble in the neighborhoo- eh, I mean in the fields south of Prontera. Not much is known about that, though, so you might want to figure it out on your own.

Pumpkin Harvest

Main article: Pumpkin Harvest

During the festival, you can earn one Item Pumpkin Festival Certificate.gif Pumpkin Festival Certificate per round in this minigame.

Trick or Treat

Main article: Trick or Treat

During the Pumpkin Festival, it's custom and practice to dress up and go from house to house to ask for candy. You will be able to trick or treat in the five towns Izlude, Rachel, Geffen, Alberta, and Niflheim. You can go trick or treating 10 times each day per character.

But wait! You need to put on a costume before knocking on doors! In all of these five towns, you will find the Unhappy Mask Salesman, and he will assist you in creating masks. Your costume will only stay for 1 minute, so better stand in front of a door, or else your mask will go to waste.

Locations of the Unhappy Mask Salesman:

  • Item Fighter's Mask.gif Fighter's Mask - Izlude's West Exit (izlude 102,67)
  • Item Stranger's Mask.gif Stranger's Mask - Outside Rachel's South Exit (ve_fild02 183,380)
  • Item Sorcerer's Mask.gif Sorcerer's Mask - Geffen's West Exit (geffen 39,124)
  • Item Traveller's Mask.gif Traveller's Mask - Alberta's North Exit (alberta 28,240)
  • Item Spirit Mask.gif Spirit Mask - Niflheim's West Exit (niflheim 27,157)

Keep in mind that for each town, you need to put on a different mask, and you will receive different candies.

For every successful knock on a door, you also get one Item Pumpkin Festival Certificate.gif Pumpkin Festival Certificate