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JellyRO is a secure server that has existed since and retained information from as far back as 2005. It has undergone numerous name changes and administrations, evolving from AnimaRO to its current incarnation today.

Server Hardware

Web Server: 2x Intel Xeons 2GB RAM 1Tb SSD
Game Server: 2x Xeon 4GB RAM 1Tb SSD

Server Features

Hercules Platform
Pre-Renewal (Episode 14.1)
Max level of 99/70
Quests for beginners!
Eden Group
GM Events & Dungeon Runs
War of Emperium Training Edition
10x/10x/5x (base experience, job experience, drop rate)
First and Second classes Max Levels 99/50
Transcendent and Extended classes Max Levels 99/70
Super Novice Max Levels 99/99
Player versus Player
and many many Custom features!

Classic Features by Episode

Main Article: Episodes