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Dyeables are headgears that can be obtained in different colors.

Barton the Hat Artist

Barton the Hat Artist - Inside Morocc(morocc_in 169,98)

Barton the Hat Artist is located in Morocc and can change the colors of the following hats:

He charges 100k for his services.


Eyazel - Eastrelund (east_evt 189,144)

Eyazel is located in Eastrelund.

He offers a Black Bunny Band for 300 Carrot Juice and 500,000 zeny and then various Dye options for 300,000 zeny.

Note: Access to this map is only accessible via special Springtime quests. See Queen Eostre or Shady Man.

Radical John

Radical John - Brasilis(brasilis 220,234)

Radical John is located in Brasilis and will dye the following hats for 100,000z and Mysterious Dyestuffs:

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