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Fishing Guru

The Fishing Minigame is a permanent game feature added with the Hats of Summer 2017 Event. As the name implies, you will be able to fish at random locations to get rare fish, loot and a chance to fight a new MVP, Leviathan.

Getting Started

Head over to Malangdo to find the Fishing Guru (219, 102). He will teach you the basics of fishing only if you bring him the items he requires. He will ask to bring him a Hook, Line and a Strong Branch. Once you hand those items, he will provide you with a Fishing Rod, a Fishing Box, a Fishing Manual, and a Fisherman's Hat.

The Fishing Box is used to store your fish. The Fishing Guru can level it to increase its storage capacity. It has a maximum of 10 levels.

The Fishing Manual contains the basics of Fishing.

Fishing Shop

How to Fish

In order to fish, you must obtain bait from the Fishing Shop in Malangdo (198, 118). You must also be equipped with a Fishing hat (sold in the Fishing Shop or use the one provided by the Fishing Guru). Once you're near a fishing spot, use the Fishing Rod like you would an item to start. You will see two options: Automatic and Manual fishing.

With Automatic, you will continue to fish until you have less bait than what you wanted to fish. It will also continue to do so until you move your character. In Automatic, you're at the mercy of chance.

With Manual, you control your character. To reel in a fish, sit your character. To give it some line, stand. If you let the fish get too close or too far, you fail. There will be a progress bar on your head. Each time it ends, you get a fishing point. Once the bar disappears, you'll catch your fish.

Your success at fishing is determined by your STR, DEX and LUK. Fishing level and fishing gear, as well as bait, also affect your success. There are a total of 50 fishing levels.