Replay System

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The Replay System is a function built into the client which allows game data to be saved in a playable "movie" format.

Note: This does NOT create video files.

The .rrf files recorded can only be viewed within a Replay version of the game client. To share recordings, players can either trade the .rrf files and view them in their own clients, or they must record the Replay with a screen capture program.


  1. To start the recorder, click on the "Rec" button at the top left.
  2. Select/deselect what information you'd like to share in your Replay.
  3. Input file name of choice.
  4. Press Start to start recording.
  5. Press Stop to stop recording.


  1. Open Start Menu.
  2. Select JellyRO (Replay).
  3. Select a Replay file from the list.

Note: Make sure your client is fully patched even if only to view a Replay.

For more help, see this fully illustrated player guide.