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Eastrelund is a custom area that can be accessed via special item that is obtained only during spring. The small realm was first introduced in the Easter 2014 event. Later, the town, quests, and minigames were revamped and re-released in April of 2015.

About Eastrelund

A small realm that cannot be found on any map, Eastrelund is guarded by the Marchwarden (aka Easter Bunny) and ruled by the young Queen Eostre and her Council.

Long ago, our ancestors were but dumb beasts in your realm. Even then, the Warden and Ekelipses were locked in dire battle. The story goes that Ekelipses drew to him minions to do his bidding, greatly managing to injure the Warden. In return, the Warden drew to him champions to aid him in the neverending war. Such were our ancestors, great heroes all. The Warden and his champions proved victorious in a great battle, pushing Ekelipses far into the shadows, where he remained for quite some time. - Esthelweith, Councilwoman

Chapter 1: Invasion

Ekelipses (aka Mad Eclipse) manages to oust the ruling party and grievously injure the Marchwarden. Eastrelund is razed to the ground and its citizens go mad, mad, mad. See Easter 2014

Chapter 2: A Realm Reborn

The effects of Ekelipses are still reverberating through the citizens, despite the realm itself on the mend. Ekelipses himself seems different... See JellyRO in Spring!


Trade NPCs

Eyazel (east_evt 189,144)

Black Bunny Band for 300 Carrot Juice and 500,000 zeny. Dye options for 300,000 zeny.
Bunny Bands
Color Bonuses
Black +2 AGI, +3 MDEF
Red +2 STR, +3 MDEF
Yellow +2 VIT, +3 MDEF
Pink +2 LUK, +3 MDEF
Green +2 DEX, +3 MDEF
Orange +2 AGI, +3 MDEF
Blue +4% MAXSP, +3 MDEF
Silver +4% MAXHP, +3 MDEF
Violet +5 MDEF

Easter Bunny (east_in 122,238)

5 Special Egg, 5 Dye Egg, and Randomly 1 of 4: Mimic Egg Shell (very low chance), Easter Egg Shell (low chance), Bunny Egg Shell (low chance), or Picky Egg Shell (high chance) for:
1x Angel Magic Powder
1x Black Powder
1x Explosive Powder
1x Gun Powder
1x Mould Powder
1x Poisonous Powder
1x Powder of Butterfly
1x Smoke Powder
1x White Powder
1x Yellow Powder
1x Spiritual Crystal
1x Medicine Bowl

This NPC is repeatable every 48 hours. There is a 10% chance that the potion will temporarily incapacitate the EB, thereby extending the cooldown time.

Quest NPCs

Headcouncilman Esgal (east_evt 200,136)

Assist the council in capturing the fallen citizens.

Eine (east_evt 249,132)

Clear out the pests and find the source of the infestation both inside and outside. Watch out for Annoying Bugs!

Ellis (east_evt 234,180)

Kill the intruder.

Eeyr (east_evt 231,151)

Harvest and deliver the crops.

All quests are repeatable every 24 hours.


Egret's Memory (east_evt 208,118)

Speak to Egret to start this memory game. Player must match all the paired NPCs in order to win. There are three levels of varying difficulty.

Stomping Etonne (east_evt 198,187)

Speak to Etonne to provoke him into chasing you. Player must elude him for a designated amount of time to win. HINT: Take your shoes off!

The Racetrack (east_evt 164,114)

Speak to Egarou to start this mini racing game.

Brooding Pickies (east_evt 169,147)

A mother needs help collecting her children. Player must herd all 6 pickies home within the time limit to succeed.

Essie and the Flowers (east_evt 200,154)

Speak to Essie to play a random one of two flower games. Player must correctly count the number of spawned flowers, or player must destroy the designated flower color.

All minigames are repeatable every 24 hours.

Related NPCs

These NPCs are available ONLY during springtime.

Shady Man

This Warp NPC (prt_fild08 181,362) will warp you to Eastrelund for 50,000 zeny.

Egg Trader

This Trade NPC (prontera 142,99) will trade Dyed Eggs or Specialty Eggs in exchange for items and zeny.

Dyed Eggs require 10,000 Zeny, 1 Egg, and 1 Dyestuff. The bonuses last for 30 minutes, but will disappear on death.

Dyed Eggs
Name Bonus Dyestuffs
Dexa + 5 DEX Black
Vita + 5 VIT Cobaltblue
Strin + 5 STR Darkgreen
Mdeis + 5 MDEF Lemon
Defis + 5 DEF Orange
Agir + 5 AGI Scarlet
Lukis + 5 LUK Violet
Intu + 5 INT White

Specialty Eggs require Zeny, 2 Egg, 5 Light Granule and Various Extra Ingredients. The items can be hotkeyed and will last for 20 minutes once opened.

The Zeny Egg requires an extra 5 Light Granule and costs 500,000 zeny.

Specialty Eggs
Name Skill Zeny Extra Ingredient
Kaahis Level 5 Kaahi 100,000 3 Rare Rune
Tarcar Level 5 Tarot 100,000 4 Rare Rune
Cloaki Level ? Cloak 100,000 3 Rare Rune
Waron Level 1 Warm Wind 100,000 1 Ancient Rune
Warto Level 2 Warm Wind 100,000 2 Ancient Rune
Wartre Level 3 Warm Wind 100,000 3 Ancient Rune
Warfo Level 4 Warm Wind 100,000 4 Ancient Rune
Warfi Level 5 Warm Wind 100,000 5 Ancient Rune
Warsi Level 6 Warm Wind 100,000 6 Ancient Rune
Warse Level 7 Warm Wind 100,000 7 Ancient Rune
Rezeur Level ? Res 50,000 5 Black Powder
Provoceur Level ? Provoke 50,000 5 Explosive Powder
Arush Level ? Adrenaline Rush 50,000 5 Gunpowder
Asumti Level ? Assumptio 50,000 5 Smoke Powder
Blesin Level ? Blessing 50,000 5 Yellow Powder
Heal Level ? Heal 50,000 5 White Powder
Sanctu Level ? Sanctuary 50,000 5 Angel Magic Powder
Kyrie Level ? Kyrie 50,000 5 Powder of Butterfly
Meteos Level 5 Meteor Storm 25,000 5 Opal
Stormo Level 5 Storm Gust 25,000 5 3Carat Diamond
Heavana Level 5 Heaven's Drive 25,000 5 Amethyst
Loverm Level 5 Lord of Vermillion 25,000 5 Cursed Ruby
Meteas Level 5 Meteor Assault 25,000 5 Aquamarine

Queen Eostre

Find Queen Eostre (hu_fild02 157,200) to gain all access to Eastrelund by completing 3 tasks. Parties are highly recommended.

Task One
Find the Seed of Hope.
The first lies in the lab of hubris, where the angry dead await their vengeance. The second lies in the furthest hell dimension, with the devil himself. The third lies nestled in the tower of his adversary, where angels do not sing. The fourth is a place with no name; a garden of pure evil. The fifth...I will tell you, for I believe you will despair. The Misty Forest awaits you, with much treachery and misfortune. - Queen Eostre
Task Two
Defeat Atros, Baphomet, and the Lord of Death.
Task Three
Help Ekelipses find his salvation.


Help Ekelipses find his salvation by PvPing. Player must kill 5 players and die 5 times.