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Ras Al Ghur
NPC Ras Al Ghur.gif
Function Grants quest access.
Location Morocc Town(morocc) : 143,96

The Ras Al Ghur NPC is a service NPC that completes quests for a zeny fee.

Current Quest List

The Sign Quest : Umbala Language Quest, Piano Keys Quest, Sign Quest
150,000,000 zeny
Arunafeltz States : Lost child, Rachel Sanctuary, Veins Siblings, Curse of Gaebolg, Thor Volcano Base, Peace for Arunafeltz, Nameless Island Entrance Quest
50,000,000 zeny
Rune-Midgarts Kingdom : Continental Guard, Successor to the Throne
50,000,000 zeny
New World : Onward to the new world, New surroundings, Pursuing Rayan Moore, Tripatriate Union's Feud, Finding a Fairy, Report from the New World, Ring of the Wise King
150,000,000 zeny
New World (Fairy Path) : Two Tribes, Guardian of Yggdrasil
50,000,000 zeny
New World (Sapha Path) : Sapha's Visit, Doha's Secret orders, Frede's Request
50,000,000 zeny
Find the Moving Island Quest
35,000,000 zeny
Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest
35,000,000 zeny