Training Grounds

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Training Grounds

The Training Grounds is a map all new characters were originally sent to as a Novice. As of August 2015, they are sent to the Sky Temple, with an option to return to this map. It contains tutorials, free EXP and items to new players. Once the player leaves the training grounds, it is impossible to return.

About Training Grounds

Welcome to the Training Grounds.
In here, you can prepare yourself for future adventures...

--Training Grounds Guard, Training Grounds

A small facility that cannot be found on any map, nor accessed from any Midgard portal, the Training Grounds is a place of limbo where the Adventurer can prepare to face some of the realities of Rune Midgard.


Bulletin Board (66,114)
Guard (144,116)
Guard (114,107)
Shion (114,4)


Receptionist (100,29)
Interfaces Tutor (99,105)
Skill Tutor (83,111)
Item Tutor (115,111)
Kafra Employee (118,108)
Interface Assistant (161,182)
Somatology Instructor (182,182)
Leo Handerson/Understandings of Skills (184,172)
Guide Soldier (121,1015)
Helper (17,182)
Entrance Guard (38,182)
Teleport NPC (95,30)
Test Examiner (96,174)
Potato Merchant (28,185)
Hanson (new_1-4 100,29)
Bruce (new_1-4 91,22)