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Vision of Okolnir is also known as Fallacious Okolnir or the God Items 2 Quest, the guild dungeon for War of Emperium Second Edition.

Guild leaders who own either Arunafeltz or Schwarzwald castle with at least 65 castle economy and 30 defense may take their guilds to challenge the instance to create new god items. They must also possess the required ingredients in order to begin this quest.

  • The instance has a 1 hour time limit and will automatically close if all party members leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • Upon success, each character can only attempt the instance once every 12 hours.
  • There is no restriction for this instance.

Players CANNOT re-enter once they leave instance nor add new party members once started.

Quest Steps

To begin, speak to the Guide in your castle. These items can only be equipped by rebirth classes with a base level of 94 or higher.

1. The Garden Labyrinth

On entrance, party members will be scattered randomly throughout a large hedge maze next to a first class apparition of yourself (similar to Biolaboratory Floor 2 monsters). When all of the monsters die, a series of 99 transcendent ghosts will spawn randomly within the maze (same as the Biolaboratory Floor 3 level 99 monsters). Every minute or two flower barricades will shift color and position, effectively re-organizing the maze and allowing/blocking passage. There is no way to bypass them. When all these ghosts die, the plant barriers will vanish and you will be allowed to leave the maze.

2. Passage through the Sky

Follow a winding passage through the sky to reach your next objective. In order to open access to the following area, each player must obtain a Crystal Key at 90% chance from Garden Keepers. The keys are account bound once picked-up; therefore, they cannot be dropped or traded.

Note: It is suggested to wait for everyone in the party to have a key before entering the portal.

3. Battle Versus Piamette

You enter a large room, with Piamette sitting near the center. Piamette cannot be attacked at this time. Randomly, 6 of your teammates will be captured and placed petrified in cages around the outskirts of the room. The remaining players will be attacked by a large number of Violies, Alices, and Ancient Mimics. When all the monsters are dead, 6 barricades will appear near the cages. By destroying the barricades, your teammates will be freed. Be warned, as there is a very high spawn rate of constants near the barricades.

At this point, Piamette will become angry with you and attack your party. You must defeat her in order to move on.

4. Temple

After leaving Piamette's room you will be greeted by the NPC of the Valkyrie Wish Maiden. You must clear your way through a temple filled with Frus, Skogul, and Garden Watchers. There are extremely large numbers of monsters here; it is estimated that there are nearly 150-250 Frus and Skogul in a relatively small area. You must kill all the monsters here and make it to the top of the temple.

5. Valkyrie Wish Maiden

Having made it to the top of the temple, the monster Valkyrie Wish Maiden will appear. You must defeat the Valkyrie Wish Maiden at this time to finish the quest.

God Items

Asprika Brynhild
1 Dusk Glow 1 Goddess Tear
1 Dawn Essence 1 Valkyrie's Token
1 Cold Moonlight 1 Brynhild Armor Piece
1 Hazy Starlight 1 Hero Remains
1 Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] 1 Andvari's Ring
100 Soft Feather 100 Valhala's Flower
10 Agate 1 Valkyrian Armor [1]
10 Rose Quartz 10 Gold
20 Elunium 20 Elunium

Valkyrie's Present

Following the successful completion of the quest, the Wish Maiden will reward the item-maker with Valkyrie's Gift. The item can be used to summon various monsters in Juno or Rachel for an hour.