War of Emperium Training Edition

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The Training Edition (WoE:TE) of the War of Emperium system is a smaller, more restricted version of WoE for Transcendent Classes and below. WoE:TE recreates all 5 of the Valkyrie and Luina realm castles called Gloria and Kafragarten. The entrance of WoE TE castle realms are located in Valkyrie (prt_gld 120, 153) and Lunia (alde_gld 225, 188). This has replaced the old Restricted WoE system.

  • Released in November of 2016, the TE system is currently in beta phase testing and as such does not have dungeons, quests, or rewards.
Glora Guild (Prontera 1N) Kafragarten Guild (Aldebaran 1W)
Woe Realm Prontera.jpg 1. Gaebolg Woe Realm Aldebaran.jpg 1. Leilah
2. Richard 2. Pavianne
3. Wigner 3. Jasmine
4. Heine 4. Roxie
5. Nerius 5. Curly Sue

Rental Gears

Rental Gears can be obtained from the Rental Guide at zero cost. They expire in 90 minutes and cannot be used outside of the TE realms. Likewise, only TE items can be used in the TE realm. All other gears will be automatically unequipped.




  • Weapons have been customized with an additional 20% damage vs Angel.

Guild Dungeons

This quest or feature is part of a future update and has not yet been added to JellyRO.
All details are currently pending.

Holders of WoE:TE castles are able, once their castle's investment has reached 30 Econ, to create a Hervor or Jormungand psuedo-god items.