Octopus Cave

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Octopus Cave is a dungeon instance located in Malangdo. It is home to the Disgusting Octopus, whom the Starfish have a major grudge against.

Players must "prepare a stick" first in order to enter this instance. Octopus Hunting Stick can be purchased from the Auro Shop.

  • The instance has a 1 hour time limit and will automatically close if all party members leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • Upon success, each character can only attempt the instance once every 3 hours.
  • There is no level restriction for this instance.

Players CANNOT re-enter once they leave instance nor add new party members once started.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Starfish (mal_dun01 151,235). You must have an Octopus Hunting Stick in your inventory.
  2. Talk to the Weird Entrance to enter the instance.
  3. Pick any exit and kill the Octopus Leg at the end.
  4. Repeat for the other three legs.
  5. Walk north to fight the Disgusting Octopus.


The following mechanics are in effect inside the instance: