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Often times, releases from the emulator are not stable or are missing important components. JellyRO may in some cases release content with custom modifications. This list should help give an idea about how far along we are with official episode content. Any renewal content is usually modified to pre-renewal stats.

Episode Additions
  • Marriage and Adoption System - Same-sex Marriage available
  • Baby Classes
9.0 Rebirth
  • Transcendent Classes - Transcending to new class possible via Job Changer

10.1 Einbroch
10.2 Lighthalzen
10.3 Noghalt
10.4 Hugel

11.1 Rachel
11.2 Veins
11.3 Nameless Island

12.0 The Destruction of Morroc
Global: Russia

Ragnarok Renewal
  • Third Classes not available
  • No Renewal Mechanics/Equipment/Map/Experience Changes
  • No +20 Refinement System
  • Buying Store, Cute Pet Loyalty Bonus, Quest Log System

13.1 Ash Vacuum
13.2 Into the Unknown
13.3 El Dicastes
Global: Brazil

14.1 Bifrost
Global: Indonesia
Intermission: Malangdo

Global: Phillipines

14.2 Eclage
14.3 Decisive Battle