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The one that likes to sing when on break and likes poems has found the job. His singing voice improved and at one point started to have magic in it. When he sings, the fields grow calm and animals gather around and listen to him sing. His magical singing spreads throughout Rune-Midgarts where King Tristan III hears as well. The King invites the Bard to perform. Impressed by his amazing talents, he asks the Bard to join the adventurers, and so he joins the journey.

A transcended Bard can become a;
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Item Electric Guitar.gif Electric Guitar [3]
Electric Guitar

A guitar with the soul of a demon songstress. The melodies produced by this guitar send shockwaves of electricity through the enemy.

Increase effects of Status Arrows when using [Melody Strike].
Enables use of Level 5 [Jupiter Thunder].
Pierce 20% of target's DEF.
Stats: INT + 15, DEX + 15

Item Class: Musical Instrument
Slots: 3
Attack Strength: 150
Attribute: Wind
Weight: 100
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Bard, Clown


1 Guitar [1]
1 Gumoongoh [2]
1 Lute [3]
1 Violin [4]
1 Isis Egg
1,000 Wind Arrow
100 Wind of Verdure
100 Singing Plant

Cost: 120,000,000z

The Electric Guitar enhances Bard and Minstrel's offensive options while providing stat relief for their supportive songs. Jupiter Thunder helps shove enemies away from Pneuma on maps where knock-back is enabled.

For additional information about obtaining SQIs (Super Quest Items), visit the SQI page.

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