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Trained to prepare for the holy war since childhood, he/she begins with great powers.

As opposed to other Knights, he/she has pledged to serve God. Any hardship or pain is considered the way to God and he/she fights with all strength even overcoming death.

Never forgetting to praise God, he/she has the humbleness to turn all his good doings towards God, allowing them to use miraculous powers.

Exceptionally good at using a shield in battle, he/she has natural talents in defending and uses these skills at the battlefront, avoiding crises and moving forward.

After reading King Tristan III's notice recruiting adventurers, he/she decides to join to let the world know of the Church, and also to gather others that would join him/her in preparing for the holy war.

A transcended Crusader can become a;
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Item Aegis Shield.gif Aegis Shield [1]
Aegis Shield

A holy shield with the head of Medusa wrought into it. This shield is only bestowed to the greatest of Athena's champions.

Gives Immunity to the Stone Curse Status.
Enables use of Level 4 [Sanctuary].
Reduce damage from all elements except neutral by Refine Rate %.
Inflict 3 * refine rate% more damage with [Holy Cross]and [Grand Cross]skills.
Inflict 15% more damage with [Shield Charge], [Shield Chain] and [Shield Boomerang] skills.
DEX + 15, INT + 10, MDEF + 7

Item Class: Shield
Slots: 1
Defense: 8
Weight: 450
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Crusader, Paladin


1 Sacred Mission
1 Mirror Shield [1]
1 Rosary [1]
1 Safety Ring
1 Ambernite Card
1 Medusa Card
3 Orc Warrior Card
1 Emperium Anvil
12 Emperium
200 Broken Piece of Shield
1,000 Destroyed Armor

Cost: 125,000,000z

For additional information about obtaining SQIs (Super Quest Items), visit the SQI page.

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