Taekwon Master

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Taekwon Master
Taekwon Master

Taekwon Master has the ability to use the power of Books to increase the damage of their kicks, proving the adage that knowledge is power. Certain Taekwon Master skills are incredibly effective, but can only be used on a limited range of specific maps or monsters that can be chosen by the Taekwon Master. Taekwon Boys and Girls can apply for the Taekwon Master job change test when they attain Job Level 40.
Taekwon Master is at the end of the Taekwon Boy & Girl job tree.

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Job Change Quest

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Platinum Skills Quests



Item Fenrir's Boots.gif Fenrir's Boots [1]
Fenrir's Boots

Bound by the gods themselves to the earth, Fenrir bestows these boots to those who are worthy, to help bring about Ragnarok, so that Fenrir may fulfill the prophecy.

MHP + 25%, MSP + 20%, SP Recovery + 15%, Fast-move all the time.
Dex + 15, Luk + 15, Vit + 10, MDef + 10
75% resist to stone curse
25% resist to Freeze
If Str is set at 70 or higher, 7% chance to use Vampire Gift. level 1 while attacking.
Weapon Class: Footgear Slots: 1
Defense Rate: 8
Equipped On : Shoes
Weight: 100
Applicable Job: Star Gladiator
Other: Account Bound (storage allowed but no drop/trade)


1 Dracula Card
1 Sleipnir[0]
1 Sprint Ring
10 Stiff Horns
20 Hard Skins
1,000 Wolf Claws

Cost: 115,000,000z

For additional information about obtaining SQIs, visit the Super Quest Item page.

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